A Newfoundland's coat requires a great deal of constant upkeep - daily if possible. The following list of tools and grooming tips will make the task easier for you to perform, and more comfortable for your Newfie. The right tool for each job is important, as it makes the specific tasks easier, and protects the Newfie's coat. Grooming your Newf can be a pleasurable time between the two of you if done often, and your dog's skin and coat will be much healthier and happier.

Grooming Equipment

Comb Comb: Medium-toothed (or Med-Large combo) metal comb.
Slicker Brush Universal Slicker Brush: Metal-bristled, removes small items from dog's fur.
Scissors 6 1/2 in. Ball-Tipped Curved Scissors: The rounded ends are important in order to prevent accidental injury to your Newf.
Thinning Shears Thinning Shears: Normal blade on one side, and comb-like blade on the other. Useful for thinning out Newfie fur on ears, feet, and hocks.
Undercoat Rake Undercoat Rake: A double row of metal tines (preferably rotating). Useful for removing a Newf's dead undercoat.
Pin Brush Pin Brush: Some people use these instead of a slicker brush.
Mat Breaker/Splitter Mat-Breaker/Splitter: Useful for breaking up large mats.
Nail Clipper
Nail Clipper (or Dremel Roto-Tool): For keeping Newfie toes well manicured.
  Quick Stop: Should be kept on hand to stop the bleeding in case the nails are trimmed too short.
  Ear Cleaner: Useful For... You Guessed It!
  Blower: Newfies need a strong dryer made specifically for grooming. A hand-held hair dryer doesn't have enough power for a Newf's thick coat.
  Grooming Table (24 in.): Your back will greatly appreciate this investment.

Grooming Tips
By Linda Parker

To trim a foot, stand your dog on the table. Pick up the foot and with the curve of the scissors pointing away, trim the hair on the bottom of the foot flush with the pads. Put the foot down on the table and brush the hair up between the toes. With the scissors pointing straight down and the curve towards the dog, trim the front and sides of the foot. Keeping the scissors along the line of the toes, trim the hair sticking up between the toes down to the level of the hair on the toes to make a rounded arch. Brush the foot again with the slicker and repeat trimming until no more extra hair comes up. Finally, for the front feet, point the scissors down with the curve towards the dog and trim the bottom of the feathers rounding them into the bottom of the foot to keep them from dragging on the ground.

To trim the hocks, comb the hair straight out all the way around. Stand the dog so the foot is positioned correctly. Trim the sides of the hock vertically the width of the foot so they are parallel. Then trim the back of the hock vertically so it is parallel to the front. Round off the edges to make an oval hock. Then round the bottom into the foot at the same angle as the feathers were rounded on the front feet.

Comb the hair on the ear and use the scissors around the edge to trim the hair and define the shape. Then use the comb to lift the hair and the thinning shears to blend the length from short at the tip to round up to the length of the hair at the top of the head. Finally, lift up the ear and use the scissors to trim the long fuzzies under the ear to blend with the neck.

Don't be afraid to trim your Newfoundland. If the end result doesn't look like what you wanted, in a few weeks you'll have another chance. Also don't let grooming overwhelm you or your dog, take it a little at a time. Start with dividing the dog in halves, or quarters. One day, one quarter; in a week you'll be ready to start over, but it will be much easier. It can also be a good idea to have your dog professionally groomed periodically, to have someone else checking the condition of your dog's coat, skin, ears, and nails.

When grooming your Newf at home, make certain that you have a powerful enough blow dryer that will get the dog's coat dry all the way down to the skin. If you don't have a grooming table, you can use a picnic table, coffee table, tailgate of a truck - anything that gets your Newf up off the ground to save your back.